Gunnar Intercept Onyx Black Gaming Glasses Review

In this article I am going to review the Gunnar Intercept Onyx Anti-Fatigue Gaming Glasses in Black. First of all I should start off by saying that I spend alot of time on the PC (between 4-8 hours a day) sometimes more if gaming on a weekend. I use a BenQ XL2411t monitor at 144hz as I love the fast refresh rate low 1ms response when gaming (especially on Counter-Strike Global Offensive).

Gunnar Intercept Onyx Gaming Glasses

Gunnar Intercept Onyx Black gaming glasses ‘combine style and science to deliver a competitive edge for gamers.’ this is how how they are promoted and this is what gained my attention. So what benefits do these patented gaming glasses provide?

  • Protective anti-glare lens coating that increases on-screen contrast making it easier for gamers to see enemies lurking in the shadows.
  • Lightweight for comfort
  • Wide lens to give player’s visually enhanced unobstructed views of every high-definition game world

The main reason that attracted me towards the Gunnar Intercept gaming glasses was the protective anti-glare lens coating which would increases on screen contrast as well as preventing eye strain over long periods of game play. I am 26 years old and over the past year or so when gaming for long durations competitively my eyes would become irritable and throbbing headaches would follow – not nice! So I purchased a pair in the hope that this would prevent the headaches and let me enjoy playing CS GO and LoL in peace.

The Result/Outcome

2 months after purchasing the Gunnar Intercept Onyx Black Gaming Glasses I have not had 1 headache to date and can endure hours of FPS games in comfort. The frame and build of the Gunnar Intercept’s are light and sit well over my nose. At first I found it rather strange wearing them noticing they were there and giving my games a very light tint/contrast increase – but this became very enjoyable, very quickly and I soon forgot that I even had them on! The style is very swag pro gamer but hey we like that right? Ha, not the kind of thing you would wear going out for a drink with friends but in a computer environment they are a win. All for around £50 I am very satisfied I have these in my life!