cs go change matchmaking 128 tick

Valve Change CS GO Matchmaking Servers to 128 Tick

Counter-Strike Global Offensive owned by Valve and played  by millions all over the world via Steam. I myself have been playing the Counter-Strike games since version 1.5 in my teens (before steam was even around). What made Counter-Strike so special to me was the attention to detail in the game such as the hit boxes, recoil of the guns, in game economy and the sound.

I have been playing CS GO since 2012 and have enjoyed it playing over 1000 hours in game and over 400 competitive games. I liked the fact that Valve employed a model in which they could generate revenue whilst not affecting the game play with the skin’s feature charging £1.50 a key to open a crate for skins and stickers for your equipment. Furthermore I even enjoyed the esports cases they launched towards contributing a small amount towards competitive tournaments to fund prizes – such a great move!

The problem is the Matchmaking feature in CS GO which is basically the ranked competitive mode in 5v5 are hosted on 64 tick servers. CS GO doesn’t seem to register shots very responsively on 64 tick servers unlike 128 tick which gives that real-time response that we all love. Valve are taking a huge risk by not converting the matchmaking servers to 128 tick as people love Counter-Strike purely because of the hit boxes and reg of the bullets especially in competitive mode!

Below is a video demonstrating the 64 tick servers performance from the petition Launch 128 Tick Servers for CS GO Matchmaking.

I propose that Valve take this matter very seriously to maintain Counter-Strike Global Offensive’s popularity and great game play intact for competitive players to stay interested they are destroying there products best feature! If it is a financial aspect which is holding Valve back why not employ a feature for a small fee a month to give players the option to play competitively on 128 Tick servers? Everybody I know who plays CS GO would agree that 64 tick is unbearable at times and i’m sure you do too – that’s why you are here!

If you would like to sign the petition and help get a letter sent to Valve’s Gabe Newell Click the link above the video and sign write up! Fire in the hole!

Steelseries CS GO Kana Mouse Review

SteelSeries Kana Mouse CS GO Review

Hello fellow gamers and geeks! Today I am going to be giving you my thoughts on my mouse the SteelSeries Kana Mouse CS GO edition.

Let me start off by saying visually it is very pleasing  featuring a custom Counter-Strike Global Offensive design in a light blue with the Counter-Terrorists Defuse kit as the main focus. It also has an LED Illuminated scroll wheel which can changed to be either dim or bright using the SteelSeries Engine.

I purchased my SteelSeries Kana CS GO Mouse during June 2013 (20 months ago) and it is still going strong. When first purchasing the CS GO kana mouse I did have my doubts being a Logitech MX 300 fan (what a classic!) but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this mouse is fantastic for FPS games such as CS GO and League of Legends and pairs up brilliantly with a cloth mouse matt. The programmable buttons on the side are great for using voice coms and the small button just underneath the scroll wheel allows you to change switch between 2 CPI settings  anywhere from 400-3200.

Steelseries CS GO Kana Mouse Review


The SteelSeries Kana Mouse CS GO has a ambidextrous shape so is great for lefties as well as right handed gamers. Moreover I find the mouse is fairly light which is great because I use low sensitivities in game  and the Mouse Glides allow the CS GO kana mouse to glide elegantly across cloth matt’s. Also worth mentioning is the Double braided chord it is very durable and is showing little signs of wear and tear – it is an anti-tangle lead which I pair up with a mouse bungee.

The price point was around £30-40 when I purchased it back in 2013 and I am very satisfied with the price I paid for it! This was my first product purchased from SteelSeries and I must admit it has truly converted me. So if your looking for a high performance, good value mouse for FPS games and longevity this is the one for you!  Happy Fragging!