FingerSports League of Legends Cup 1

FingerSports League of Legends Cup #1 February 4th

Tournament Details

Server: League of Legends (EU West)
Tournament Type: Single Elimination
Tournament Size: 8-16 teams
Sign Ups Close: February 4th 2015, 3:30pm.
Start Date: February 4th 2015, 5:00pm.
Ruleset: LoL EUW Ruleset


1st. TBA
2nd. TBA
3rd. TBA
4th. TBA


LoL EUW Ruleset
General Settings:
Map: Summoner’s Rift
Team Size: 5
Allow Spectators: All
Game Type: Tournament Draft
Name: FingerSports #(Tournament Number) (Team A) vs (Team B)
Password: fingersportscup
Riot tournament rules apply.
The default map for each round is: Summoner’s Rift

Every team is required to have a minimum of 5 players on their roster prior to signing up to the tournament. Teams are not allowed to use pickups. It is your responsibility to check if a team is using a pickup.

If a team does not turn up 15 minutes after the set start time then please contact an admin. If however the previous round score has not been reported then please wait until the bracket is updated before reporting the no show.


– If your game is being streamed, casters will join the spectate slots prior to start. It is your responsibility to make sure your team is aware of any streamed games.
– For all games, the team on the top half of the bracket will be the Blue side.
– Blue team is responsible for hosting the game and inviting summoners. Red team captain is responsible for letting Blue captain know who to invite.

Games will be created 30 mins before the game is scheduled to start. Both teams are expected to have their full 5 man roster in the lobby 15 mins early.


Teams are allowed a total of 10 mins per game for pauses. If you reach your 10 minute limit, you must either immediately unpause the game, or forfeit.
Pauses should only be for valid reasons and you may be punished for abusing this feature.


– It is both teams responsibility to verify the eligibility of all players playing in the match prior to starting or continuing any match play. If the hosting team starts a map with an ineligible player on their team, they are subject to penalties. If the non-hosting team has an ineligible player present when the map is started, it is assumed that the hosting team allowed the player to play, and the result of the map will stand.
– All summoner names on a team’s roster must be valid. The summoner account must be legitimately owned by the user on the roster.


– The winning team is responsible for reporting the outcome of a match. The winning team must screenshot the after game lobby and attach it to the match report. If this is not done, we cannot guarantee your victory or your potential prize. As the winning team, this is your responsibilty.
– All matches must be reported correctly. If you had an issue with a match such as a No Show, Wrong Settings, etc., you must contact us containing your valid proof.
You must include:
A link to a legible image of the end of the game
Which round the game is for
Both team names
Both team tags

The victorious team

The following actions will not be accepted:
– Disputing cup matches when you have lost.
– Attempting to claim free match wins when the game is not complete. For example if the other team is a few minutes late or gets the rules wrong at the start of the game then reporting the default win to you.
– Kicking the other team’s members out of the match lobby and reporting that they did not show to the match.
– Providing abuse to members of the community and Vanity staff.
– Once you have started champion select you can not hold pick or leave the lobby.


1. Omen

How To Enter

If you would like to enter your team into the FingerSports LoL Cup #1 then you can message us via Live Support on the bottom right of the screen. You can also message us through the ‘Contact Us’ Section with your details.